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Recent Webite Updates - Shadow - 2012.07.30 10:25 PM

Darkwell Studios

  • 2013.10.08: Improved gallery current page indicator pointer graphic
  • 2013.10.08: U.S. state abbreviations now properly capitalized
  • 2013.10.08: Darkened photo id text color on expanded images
  • 2013.10.08: Tweaked header and footer text vertical alignment on expanded images
  • 2013.10.08: External link icons no longer offset gallery titles on Firefox and Safari
  • 2013.08.10: Only a handful of gallery details could previously be defined by date range. Now, the code is now more efficient, and appies to all gallery details.
  • 2013.06.11: Multi-subject galleries not properly enable website links for automatically generated subject details
  • 2013.06.11: Direct download links not working when archive name contained ampersand (&)
  • 2013.05.30: Gallery shortcut key ctrl, alt, and shift check now added to expanded images
  • 2013.05.30: Fixed error when viewing expanded featured image under specific circumstances
  • 2013.05.09: Featured page indicator now correctly aligns on page change when gallery loads with Details tab open, then tab is closed
  • 2013.05.09: Current page indicator now also works for Internet Explorer in featured galleries
  • 2013.05.04: Gallery shortcut keys check that ctrl, alt, and shift are not held during keypress to prevent trigger from global shortcuts
  • 2013.04.17: Additional hidden edits to contact form in hopes of reducing spam
  • 2013.04.13: Current page indicator now works on featured gallery pages
  • 2013.04.10: Fixed issue on FAQ page where long answers would occasionally overlap
  • 2013.04.10: Updated jQuery from v1.8.3 to either v1.9.1/v2.0.0b3 for old/modern browsers (increasing performance)
  • 2013.04.10: Fixed a particular jQuery convention that was causing errors in some browsers
  • 2013.04.10: Optimized numerous small bits of code in both the site template and galleries
  • 2013.04.10: Changed browser detection method to make compatible with jQuery v1.9.0+
  • 2013.03.19: Fixed [downloads] link not displaying in top toolbar while on moderator-only pages
  • 2013.03.19: Logic added to allow for proper downloading of .pdf, .doc, and unknown file types
  • 2013.03.19: 404 File Not Found error replaces 401 Access Denied error when moderators request a non-existent file for download
  • 2013.03.18: Expanded image view page titles now search the parent gallery for a theme if not present in the image name
  • 2013.03.18: Added title tags to gallery images and added more appropriate alt tags (previous just filenames)
  • 2013.03.05: Prevent display of "general" sub-gallery when no other sub-galleries present
  • 2013.02.16: Fixed non-recursive empty gallery check hiding recent galleries with all images in sub-galleries
  • 2013.02.02: Added a testimonial from Ophelia von Goethe. Thank you!
  • 2013.02.02: Multi-subject galleries now highlight (display diamonds) properly with their single-subject counterparts
  • 2013.02.02: Acclaim images now downloadable by moderators like gallery images
  • 2013.02.02: Acclaim images now selected explicitly, as opposed to implicitly by title alone
  • 2013.02.02: Acclaim images now named in standard gallery format (resulting in multiple code efficiency improvements)
  • 2013.02.01: Corrected titles for expanded image view on images outside recent galleries
  • 2013.02.01: Fix error message in expanded image view on images outside recent galleries
  • 2013.01.30: Gallery images without thumbnails now only red-bordered when viewed by moderators
  • 2013.01.30: Fixed error displayed when featured image folder present but empty (typically during gallery upload process)
  • 2013.01.26: Gallery details now disregard empty template files
  • 2013.01.26: Gallery theme auto-capitalization rules improved
  • 2013.01.17: Fixed error shown on expanded image pages for galleries with apostrophes in their theme / title
  • 2013.01.17: Removed erroneous word in Acclaim page's description
  • 2013.01.14: Removed horizontal scrollbar displayed on Firefox and other browsers at some text zoom levels
  • 2013.01.10: Empty galleries now hidden (prevents incomplete galleries from displaying during upload)
  • 2012.12.29: DarkwellStudios.com is now linked to our Google+ account
  • 2012.12.27: Replaced often broken "previous page" link under the expanded image view with either "close image" if the image was requested from DarkwellStudios.com, or "return to gallery" if the image was visited directly
  • 2012.12.26: Upgraded jQuery from v1.8.2 to v1.8.3, fixing minor regressions
  • 2012.12.26: Fixed markers (diamonds) remaining invisible when hovering mouse over galleries in the recent gallery list that you own
  • 2012.11.19: Removed navigational link to DarkVerb (blog), as it is both out of date and more personal than business-related
  • 2012.11.08: Login form highlights erroneous input fields and selects first erroneous input on submit
  • 2012.11.07: Numerous small tweaks to text content throughout the site
  • 2012.11.07: Notice added to login page notifying "Accounts only provided to specific gallery owners"
  • 2012.11.07: Login and contact form inputs now brighten on hover
  • 2012.11.07: All references to "Log In" have been replaced with "Sign in" aside from page name
  • 2012.11.07: "Remember Username" login option replaced with "Stay signed in" option
  • 2012.11.05: Gallery "Details" and "Browse More Recent Photos" sliders now remember previous state
  • 2012.10.25: Upgraded jQuery from v1.7.2 to 1.8.2, improving javascript effect performance
  • 2012.10.15: Spacebar no longer begins uninterruptable gallery slideshow
  • 2012.10.15: Photo ID numbers now displayed on all images (not just public galleries)
  • 2012.08.04: Current gallery page indicator now instantly resets to the first page when changing sub-galleries
  • 2012.08.04: Image download links now remain when owners change pages / sub-galleries in private galleries
  • 2012.08.04: Gallery images are now displaying on mobile phones
  • 2012.08.04: Number of failed login attempts now accurately tracked when IP addresses differ
  • 2012.08.04: Download image icon alignment in featured galleries when logged in as a moderator fixed
  • 2012.08.04: Private gallery icon alignment under "Browse More Recent Photos" in recent galleries fixed
  • 2012.08.04: Galleries with multiple Snapshot of the Night's now display icons correctly on Facebook
  • 2012.08.03: Ownership limitations no longer ignored when creating full gallery archives
  • 2012.08.03: Ownership limitations no longer cause incorrect full gallery archive download size estimations
  • 2012.07.30: The keyboard shortcut to close an image ("c") now closes images on all browsers
  • 2012.07.30: Browser now automatically scrolls to applicable entry when direct FAQ answer or Acclaim testimonial URL is provided
  • 2012.07.30: Added a testimonial from Kristina S. Thank you!

Darkwell Studios Forums

  • 2012.10.15: "Report Bugs & Glitches" forum now requires login (too much spam)
  • 2012.10.15: Posts awaiting moderation no longer (default) pink
  • 2012.07.30: Facebook share icon now set (replacing ugly white-on-white logo)

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