THE LAW: Forum Rules: Please Read!
I am a firm believer in free speech and individual accountability, so the rules here are few.

That said, the following content is not tolerated:
  • Spam
  • Hate speech
  • Threats / harassment
  • Viruses, spyware, or cracked or pirated software
  • Pornography / shock videos
  • Purposeful portrayal of yourself as another
  • Attempts to circumvent security or regulatory systems
  • Promotion of illegal activity
These rules are simple, friends! Follow them!

Additionally, please consider:
  • Clear and concise writing fosters respect.
  • Posts such as “First post!” or “Bump” are lame—avoid them.
  • Posts inappropriate for a particular forum may be (re)moved.

It is always my intention to be fair and just, but remember: Darkwell Studios Forum is no democracy.
What my moderators and I say is law. Ignore us at your own risk.

Be well and stay classy!
~ S. Darkwell

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