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Welcome to Darkwell Studios v2.0!
2012.07.24, 09:40 PM (This post was last modified: 2012.07.25 12:05 AM by Shadow.)
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Welcome to Darkwell Studios v2.0!

Welcome to Darkwell Studios Forums, one of the new additions to Darkwell Studios v2.0!

The new Darkwell Studios websites are the result of over 500 hours of restless programming
spanning from mid-November 2011 until now, late July of 2012.

I began this project with a list of goals for the new website.
The list was large and often technical in nature, but the results I sought were simple.

The new website would be:

  • More intuitive
  • More attractive
  • Significantly faster
  • Easier to search and share
  • Congruent with Darkwell Studios’ evolving image

Even when a goal appeared to be met, I would look through every aspect of the new website and ask myself,
“Is this better than the old version?”

If the answer was “No” or “It’s the same”, I would begin to plan its redesign.

Unfortunately, this process was a significantly larger and more difficult undertaking than I had realized.
My original goal was to complete Darkwell Studios v2.0 for New Year’s 2012.
...I didn’t even come close to making this goal.

I kept setting dates, and I kept missing them.
After I had failed to meet so many goals, I refused to set a date at all.

That was four months ago.

Now, over eight months after I first began the redesign,
I can honestly look at the results and say, “This is better in absolutely every way.”
I didn’t compromise. Not one bit. Darkwell Studios v2.0 is absolutely everything I wanted it to be—
and I hope you will all agree.

I’ve created this poll. I’d love to hear your opinions!

This is not to imply that Darkwell Studios’ websites are complete.
I have a list of behind-the-scenes tools to develop, plans to expand user accounts,
creating a mailing list, and even offering a system to purchase prints directly from the website—
but all of these can wait.

For now, I am tired. Dreadfully tired. This project has been more difficult for me than most will ever know.
Tonight, I will sleep. And someday very soon, I will trade in my programmer’s cap and take up my camera again—
and actually enjoy the feeling of being a photographer once more.

Until then, be well, stay classy, and I’ll catch you in the darkness!
 ~ Shadow Darkwell

PS: As with any new website, a few bugs are likely to have sneaked through.
If you catch any, please let me know here! I’ll squash them promptly!

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